Camping in Alaska.

Camping In The Wild – How To Survive Alaska’s Wilderness

First of all…we did not really camp in the wild wilderness. We always stayed in a campground and not really in a remote area. There was always a front desk to go to in case of emergency, a town to go to in case something was missing and a road close-by for easy acces. So when I am talking about the wilderness here I mean something that really looks like the wild but is “only” a campground in the wild. So don’t take it too serious when I am trying to make you survive Alaska’s wilderness. Aaaaaanyways….let’s start with how 4 girls in their 20’s survived camping in campgrounds in Alaska.

First of all the right equipment:

A tent:
This tent is meant for 6 to 9 people and is more of a summer tent. We had no problems setting it up or sleeping in it for about 10 days. It is huge so I would really only recommend it if you need to accomodate that many people.
If you do not need a tent that is that big you should check out this tent by Colemen which we normalls camp in if we are not more than 2 people:

An air matress:
Hands down – this is the best air mattress ever. It is super comfortable, big and really resistable. We scratched it a couple of times over the gravel but it was totally fine.

Air pump:
If you are travelling by car, which I assume since you are looking up advice for camping, you will most likely not have any outlets near so this airpump has cigarette lighter inverter adapter so you can also pump air into your mattress without an outlet. Just to make sure: If you don’t know the battery of your car that well, just leave the car running for the time you need the pump.

Car power inverter:
If you just have a “normal” air pump and you need an outlet this is the thing you need. You plug it into the cigarette lighter in your car and it offers you an outlet.

Sleeping Bag:
This is the sleeping bag that I always use no matter how warm or cold it is it really never dissapointed me….especially for that price!


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