The best city to visit for a weekend! Seattle, WA

So much to see in this vibrant city!

Seattle, the city every Grey’s Anatomy knows! There is so much to do and to see but at the same time you can relax and just enjoy the different vibes this city offers.

Space Needle.

Every Grey’s Anatomy Fan will know exactly what I am speaking about…it is THE landmark of Seattle! The Space Needle. The 603mi (184m) high look-out is on place eight of the highest buildings in Seattle. In 1962, the Space Needle was finished after one year of construction. It hosts the first spinning restaurant in Northamerica and used to be the second highest building west of the Mississippi in the United States.

The building owner, Edward E. Carlson, got the idea of building the Space Needle from the television tower in Stuttgart, Germany.

For $22, you can ride up the Space Needle and see the city from 518mi (158m) above. On a clear day you can even see Mt. Rainier in the background! On the way up you can even get more information about the history of the Space Needle. Along the way there are many information boards and you can take as much time as you need and want to read those. After all those information they take a picture of you and the “Space Needle” in front of a green screen. You can send yourself that picture from a tablet once you made it to the top. After that you can take the elevator which will bring you to the 6th floor. It takes 43 seconds for the elevator to go from the bottom to the top with a speed of 10mi/h (16km/h). The elevator holds up to 25 people and only reaches a speed of 5mi/h (8km/h) when there are strong winds.

Once you reached the top, the information of the landmark’s history continues. There is a really good but also really expensive service here, a snack bar, as well as a restaurant. If you are brave enough to take a step out on the 360° balcony you should definitely not hesitate to do so! The view is fantastic! And finally you will also have the perfect opportunity to take a picture with the real skyline!

The opening hours are from Monday to Sunday from 10:00am to 9:30pm.

400 Broad St, Seattle, WA 98109

Pike Place Market.

There are sooo many things to explore here!
The public market is a place where you can fin the famous “Public Market” sign with the big watch. Besides it is located super close to Elliott Bay, the first Starbucks, the Gum Wall and many small restaurants and stores.

The market was opened on August 17th in 1907 and is the oldest continuously opened farmer’s market in the USA. The market is called after the north west located Pike Street. With 10 million annual visitors, Pike Place Market is Seattle’s most famous tourist attraction and in entire North America it is on place 33 of the most visited tourist sites.

Because the market is based on a hill, the market consist out of many levels in the underground. You will find various antique shops, comic book shops, unique shops and many other sales booths. Street musicians arrange the right atmosphere.

Pike Pl, Seattle, WA 98101

Elliott Bay/Waterfront/Great Wheel.

Very easy access from the market. A great place to just relax at!

Attractions you can find here are: the Great Wheel, the Aquarium, the harbor inclusive ferries and passenger ships.

The Great Wheel can be found on Pier 57. With its total hight of 174mi (53m), it used to be the tallest wheel on the west coast of the United states of America until March 31st in 2014, when it got passed by “The High Roller” with 548mi (167m) in Las Vegas, NV. For $14 you can ride three rounds on it and you will have an amazing view on the bay and downtown. It is worth it!!

Around the wheel are many more attractions.

Pier 57 – Miners Landing
1301 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98101                 

hours:  Mon – Thu:  11am-10pm
Fri:                  11am-12am
Sat:                 10am-12am
Sun:                10am-10pm

Gum Wall.

Only a little detour away from the market you can find the very famous gum wall of Seattle.

The Market Theatre Gum Wall is a brick wall covered in soooooooo much DNA from around the world. Because: this wall in strewn with bubble gum.

In 1933 it became a tradition to stick a coin with bubble gum onto the wall when coming from the theatre. The workers of the theatre removed them twice and then gave up. The wall is even shown in a Jennifer Aniston film, Love Happens.

On November 10th in 2015 it was decided for the first time ever to completely clean the wall to protect it from erosion. It took a total of 130 hours to remove the 2359lbs (1,070kg) of gum. On November 13th the tourists started the tradition all over again.

Role model for this wall was the bubble gum alley in San Luis Obispo in California.

1428 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101

Kerry Park.

An absolute NEED TO VISIT when in Seattle!

Kerry Park is a 0.51ha big park on Queen Ann Hill. In 1927 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sperry Kerry sponsored this park to the city “so everybody can enjoy this wonderful view”. It has a view on downtown, Elliott Bay, Mt. Rainier, Bainbridge Island and the west Seattle peninsula. Along the park leads the scenic drive called Highland Drive. It is really worth to walk around the neighborhood and look at those beautiful houses and find even more beautiful visit pints.

The park can also be seen in the first scene of “10 Things I Hate About You” and was one of many stops in the final episode of the 3rd Season of “The Amazing Race”.

211 W Highland Dr, Seattle, WA 98119

The best way to come around.

We rented car for our weekend in Seattle. We decided on a car because our plan was also to drive to Vancouver but all in all I would say if you only stay in Seattle or plan on also driving out of the city, renting a car is the best way to do so. We rented our car with enterprise at the SEA-TAC Airport. For 2 days we paid around $100 for the car which was totally fine. The renting process was super easy and we made reservations online before we took off to Seattle. We had unlimited milage and it was also no problem that we crossed the border with it. There is not a lot of free parking in Seattle but there is parking which is mostly limited for two hours which is fine if you only want to see one landscape and then drive to the next. Also traffic wasn’t bad here. All in all is Seattle a good city to drive the car in. If you do not want to rent a car it is also very easy to come around in Seattle itself either by public transportation or by foot.

If you want to read more about renting a car in the USA you can click here.

After our day in Seattle we made ourselves on the way to the Canadian Vancouver. Only a short 3 hour drive separates Seattle and Vancouver from each other. The drive is absolutely beautiful! The area you’ll have to drive through is the scenery we all know from the Movie Twilight! The town Forks is where the movie was actually shot. Forks is located a little more east of where you actually have to go to cross the border but for real fans it can be really interesting to include in the route.
You are surrounded by tall and tight spruces. While driving these dark and windy roads you really always keep in mind that there could be a vampire jumping at you any moment….just kidding but for real….don’t drive here alone 😛

Here you can read more about border crossing and border crossing with a J1-Visa.

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