Strolling around the streets of San Luis Obispo, CA

San Luis Obispo – America’s happiest city.

Almost exactly in between San Francisco and Los Angeles, the small town San Luis Obispo can be found. It is even reachable over Highway One (more about iconic Hwy 1 here)!

This cute, little town offers a high quality of life and for that it got the nickname “America’s happiest city”. There is not too much to explore here but it is already worth visiting only to get to know this relaxing vibe here.

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No ghosts to be found in Calico Ghost Town, CA

Calico Ghost Town – a ghost town without ghosts

Calico Ghost Town is located in the Mojave Desert in the San Bernadino County in southern California. Off Interstate 15 you can already read the characters “CALICO”.

A schoolboy explored some silver whereupon the town in the course of the silver mining was founded. There were more than 500 mines and the population was at approximately 1.200 people.

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