Camping inbetween the ocean and sand dunes – Pismo Beach, CA

Endless sand dunes, tailgate partys, bonfires, camping at the beach, swimming in the ocean! All of this is possible at Pismo Beach!

Can you imagine what a dream it was to literally sleep on the beach, watching the stars and listening to the waves from the biggest ocean in the world while making smores over the bonfire? Waking up the next morning, you can directly take off to explore the endless sand dunes right behind the actual beach. All of this is possible at Pismo Beach!

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The chill city of Portland, OR

Portland is “strolling-thru” city.

Portland is not the city with most sightseeing stuff. Nevertheless there are still many things to be explored and it is fun to just watch the people in the city and to get a feeling of what life is like here. The perfect city to stroll thrugh the streets and get to feel this hipster vibe.

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