Vancouver, a city I expected to be different.

Around 45 kilometers from the American border, Vancouver is located in British Columbia.

After we spend an entire day in Seattle (you can read more here) we drove with the car over the Canadian/American border to Vancouver (more about the J1-Visa and crossing borders with it you can read here)!

Only a short 3 hour drive separates Seattle and Vancouver from each other. The drive is absolutely beautiful! The area you’ll have to drive through is the scenery we all know from the Movie Twilight! The town Forks is where the movie was actually shot. Forks is located a little more east of where you actually have to go to cross the border but for real fans it can be really interesting to include in the route.
You are surrounded by tall and tight spruces. While driving these dark and windy roads you really always keep in mind that there could be a vampire jumping at you any moment….just kidding but for real….don’t drive here alone 😛

Because we only had a few hours in Vancouver, we started our sightseeing tour in Downtown. We just parked at the curb, which is free on Sundays. We just walked around the streets and to be honest, Vancouver isn’t even that beautiful. Maybe that has also something to do with that pouring rain

We continued to the Capilano Extension Bridge. The free swinging ropeway is located a little outside of Vancouver. The drive took approximately 16 minutes from downtown. You first have to cross beautiful Lions Gate Bridge to get to North Vancouver. In front and behind the bridge you have the chance to take beeeeeeautiful pictures with the view on the skyline.

Arrived in North Vancouver I felt like I got to the deepest Canada. Here is simply NOTHING.

Our hunger brought us ironically to a church with a little café. When we stepped in this small building in the nothing everyone was singing. BUT church here is totally different from in Germany for example.The songs were written by just a normal person with normal problems. This way you can actually understand the songs and relate them to your own life. On a huuuge screen everybody was able to follow the lyrics and it was appreciated to sing along. After we ordered our bagel with cream cheese and the fresh-baked banana bread the mass was over. Suddenly ALL looks were directed at us. Everyone knows each other here and obviously we were not from here. Our hoodies with a huge picture of Seattle didn’t help with that. Also, that exact weekend, the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump (more about the election you can read here), moved into the White House. We directly heard the comments: “Know the Americans come even here”, “They should go and their things straight themselves” and “their own fault….it was their election”. Shortly after they got that we are not Americans, only tourists. Still, it was an honor for us to be expected to be real Americans 😛 The reason why we actually came here was the free coffee. Every Sunday during mass you can get free coffee here. That was sooo cute! After the people got that we have nothing to do with Trump, we were warmly welcomed by another song.

Back to the sightseeing though: when we arrived at the bridge we had approximately 3 hours left until we had to make our way back to the border.

The staff of the bridge told us really nicely that 3 hours are really not enough to explore this place. She gave us the advice to follow the street for another 5 minutes. From this place we could see the bridge. So we directly went there and she was right! We were standing in front of a picture perfect lake with mountains in the background. If we would have had snow instead of straight rain it would have felt like being in a movie. We walked around for some time and found a great hiking trail that led us to a beautiful waterfall.

BUT if you have more time than we did I would not miss out and buy the ticket for $39.95. I am sure it will be a great experience!

Opening hours :
9. January – 10. March                                                    9:00am-5:00pm
11. March – 14. April                                                         9:00am-6:00pm
15. April – 19. May                                                             9:00am-7:00pm
16. May – 04. September                                             8:30am-8:00pm
17. September – 09. October                                    9:00am-6:00pm
18. October – 22. November                                      9:00am-5:00pm
19. November – 28. January                                       11:00am-9:00pm
closed December 25th

3735 Capilano Rd
North Vancouver, BC V7R4J1

One big advice I really have for you guys (I know it rhymes lol): Go away from the city and escape into nature when in Vancouver!

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